What is boho chic? The boho chic style is one of all the styles of clothing that we can choose to wear occasionally, or every day, for those who are most in love with this type of clothing. Now the boho trend is also prevailing in decoration and is going stronger than ever. But this is a website about Fashion, that's why you've come to this page and we're going to talk about it.

At Mireia's Dream we have carefully selected the most beautiful garments from the Jaase, Antica Sartoria and Miss June brands, which are three of the brands that are a benchmark for boho chic, so that we do not have to give up said style whatever the occasion.

The Australian brand Jaase is ideal for urban looks. Their designs are spectacular, highlighting their long dresses, but without belittling the short dresses, their blouses, etc.

On the other hand, Antica Sartoria, is special for dressing women in coastal areas, they are beach or cruise garments, but without sacrificing sophistication, since its collections mix precious blouses for the day with wonderful dresses for a night out.

And from the Miss June brand, we can highlight the exquisiteness of its fabrics and the quality , its garments being a must-have for those who are going to attend ceremonies or parties and do not want to give up the boho-chic style, or prefer to opt for garments less classic.


  • Blouses

    What would the boho chic style be without the characteristic blouses and smocks?
    At Mireia's Dream you can buy online Miss June blouses  with the best quality-price ratio on the market, Miss June tops are also available, your most spectacular Antica Sartoria blouses and tops and you can even buy clothing online from Spain with the incomparable boho chic style like Jaase blouses. You won't resist!

    At www.mireiasdream.com you can buy online Antica Sartoria blouses, Jaase blouses or Miss June blouses , we make it easier than ever.

    Discover in this section the most sophisticated Miss June chiffon and cotton blouses and tops. We also have a selection of wonderfully embroidered blouses or smocks from the Italian brand Antica Sartoria. I'm sure you love them!

    With a single click you can buy online Jaase blouses and tops from the new 2024 collection  with free shipping from 90 euros from Spain and 120 euros from Europe, with its peculiar original prints that only the Australian brand knows how to conceive.

  • Dresses
  • Sets

    A boho outfit is always a good option if you want to follow the latest trends. As the garments are designed to go together, you don't have to be thinking about how to combine them so that they look perfect, because someone has already done it for you, although you can also play with one of the two garments and look in your closet, if there are any piece of clothing that you already have that fits well and wear it with your personal touch. At Mireia's Dream you will find women's boho outfits of various styles, you will be able to take them for a walk on the beach, or a festival look, as well as a meal with friends. You won't be able to resist!

  • Vests

    Maybe you have not done with a vest.

    Did you know that it can be an indispensable

    ally to get that so desired look?

  • Accesorios
  • Jackets

    What are boho jackets?

    As an example of boho jackets we can find various variants on the market. From floral coats lined with synthetic hair, also biker jackets with or without fringes, as well as cardigans with Aztec motifs and typically hippie prints or made of knitted fabrics lace knit patterns, etc.

    Jackets are garments that are of special importance to compose your boho look for the coldest months. A jacket is indispensable if we want to use winter boho dresses and the outerwear we choose,it can be it a boho style jacket or another jacket of other style not necessarily boho chic, such as short jackets, aviator-style jackets, long coats, etc.. they have to be in harmony with the outfit that is chosen. At Mireia's Dream we know that it is not easy to combine clothes, so our selection of jackets can be ideal for you to succeed with your boho chic looks.

  • Faldas y pantalones
  • Niñas
  • Jumpers
  • Chaquetas

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